Siemens Service 和 Support

Many European manufacturers depend on 硅镁质 个人电脑 7 和 other Siemens automation technology products to keep their operations running smoothly. Because of the small market footprint in the United States, Siemens pricing is often highly competitive in this country, making the platform a cost-effective control solution for many manufacturers. 即使你.S. manufacturers who primarily use other br和s of control products may have specialized equipment from European OEMs that requires Siemens platform support from time to time. Whenever you need implementation services or support for Siemens automation technology products, 特立独行的 Technologies is the right partner to provide it.

为什么特立独行 Technologies

Most systems integrators have very little to no experience working with the Siemens platform, but 特立独行的 has several Siemens experts on staff. We continue to grow our team by actively recruiting 和 training resources on Siemens platforms, 如 硅镁质 个人电脑 7, 硅镁质 S7-200 / 300 / 400 和 蒂雅 portal S7-1200 / 1500, WinCC OA, as well as the legacy TI-5xx Series platform. We also offer complete variable frequency drive configuration 和 commission, instrumentation installation 和 calibration. Our technical lead, a former Siemens employee who has in-depth experience with the platforms mentioned, has continued to pursue the latest technologies by attending training provided by Siemens 和 participating in the annual Siemens Automation Summit. Our team has a more comprehensive, deeper underst和ing of Siemens controls, as well as process knowledge.

Expert 服务 for Siemens Platform Implementation 和 Optimization

We manage every step of your project to meet your objectives quickly, completely 和 with maximum return on investment (ROI).

Talk to a 特立独行的 about working on your Siemens platform.

Depend on us to deliver the following for your Siemens system:

  • Automation Solutions — We’ll leverage the Siemens platform to realize improvements across your facility through automation engineering 和 process automation services.
  • Advanced Process Control — We can help you improve quality management, cut energy costs 和 enhance your overall performance.
  • Enterprise Integration — We’ll enable real-time information transfer, productivity increases 和 improved visibility by fully integrating your systems.
  • Field 服务 — We’ll supply the instrument technicians 和 other technical resources, along with the strategies 和 processes, to enable a successful installation.
  • 人机界面 Software Design — We’ll help you migrate your human-machine interface (人机界面) system 和 implement new guidelines for safety 和 efficiency.

Siemens Platform Experience

We have a long history of installing large Siemens systems utilizing a 硅镁质 个人电脑 7 system consisting of DCS姐姐 for various industries, as well as numerous other 硅镁质 步骤7和 蒂雅 Portal projects. We continue to get new calls requesting our services 和 support with Siemens automation technology, 和 we look forward to helping you with yours.